BinArY PuNkS

Retro cool has just been elevated to epic status.

Painstakingly compiled and manually converted one by one into the glorious 1s and 0s of Binary. All 10,000 Binary Punks enjoy the same attributes of the OG Crypto Punks, but with added digital flare to give you a new exclusive collection to enjoy!

When you mint your Binary Punk you qualify to receive a special physical version of your NFT from the Binary Punk team. All you have to do is pay the Postage and Packing. Printed on an acrylic slab size 152mm x 152mm x 15mm thick. It will come beautifully boxed with a certificate of authenticity.

We have been huge fans of Fantom allowing you to mint and trade without overpriced gas fees ensuring a vibrant secondary market.

We are not affiliated with Larva Labs, but we love and respect how they opened up the NFT space, and what better way to pay homage to their undoubted legacy than to be the first to bring binary versions to our beloved Opera.

A fusion of typography, original computer code and the cutting edge of the DeFi world, this NFT collection is brought to you with love and passion.

We hope you enjoy our new and distinctive collection on Fantom.

Over 40 Fantom artists and projects have joined the Binary Punks family to create some incredible unique rare Punks in the collection. Mint one and you will receive a reward too. See our Rare Artist Binary Punks page for details.

MiNtIng & pRiCeS

Binary Punks prices will start at 80FTM and rise 10FTM every 1000 minted. Get in early for the best price. Limited to 25 NFTs per tx.

Pre-sale is 2000 at 80FTM

Main Launch 1000 at 80FTM then rising 10FTM per 1000.

It’s a random mint, so get your punk on and find your favourite.

PuNk MeRcH

Wear your PuNk with pride!

OfficialNFTees will be creating t-shirt with your PuNk on. Delivered to your door by some rando postie worldwide (within reason).

T-shirts will be the top quality you would expect from OfficialNFTees and unique one offs.

More details will be announced soon.

PuNk OnTo OuR NaUgHtY LisT

Stay up to date with all our degenerate ideas, new releases, meet ups, screw ups, chuck ups. We all punkies together.

TeAm PuNk


Original idiot. Designer, Music lover, crypto nerd.

Loser you can laugh at who reminds you there's always someone a lot more stupid than you.


Comic genius. Mover and shaker, in that he moves and shakes!

Crypto tinkerer, in and out of tokens like a randy old dog.


Fantom OG SpiritSwap core muppet.

Tries hard to be great and lets himself down on a daily basis.


SpiritSwap mainstay.

Rises above the level of mediocrity a few hours each day. You'll find him in Discord wrecking the joint.

BinArY PuNkS

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